A Major Prize, A Major Prize I Won I Won I Won!!

So if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a steady stream of contest spam every morning coming from my account. If you don’t follow me on Twitter why not??? Well in case you’re wondering …and if you didn’t guess from the title… I did, in fact, win! Twice actually.

The first prize I won was a Lego kit from Buzzy Mag. It’s a pretty sweet Hobbit kit and it arrived just in time to give to my kids for Christmas. (BONUS!!)

photo 1

I have to admit I had never heard of Buzzy Mag prior to this contest but let me tell you it’s right up my alley. GEEK STUFF!! Sci-Fi and Fantasy… news, movies, video games, geeky T-shirts, and books. I’ve been checking them out every so often and found some great articles.

The second prize I found due to my love of Picky Bars! When they announced on their Twitter feed about a contest where I could win some I was in! So I headed over to “So Delicious Dairy Free” where I entered and won this awesome prize pack.

photo 2

Filled with all this great stuff for my GF and I to share!!

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While I have no aversion to dairy products I really do love almond and soy milks and they sell “So Delicious” products at my local grocery store. They’ve definitely earned my business lol.

So now that Xmas is over, the Twitter contests have wound down… I guess it’s back to normal dull boring everyday Twitter stuff 😛

How about you? Have you won anything recently?

*This was not a sponsored post, I won these prizes fair and square. I felt the best thing to do to show my thanks was to give them some free advertising.