Let The Game… Begin!

In case you missed me I took the week off for the holiday… but now I’m back! When last we met I was trying to persuade you to join me in a diet bet. Well maybe it was me… maybe it was the GF… but somehow we managed to get 37 players!! Bringing the pot up to $370 up for grabs among the contestants. So without further ado… it’s time for:


This past weekend marked the weigh in… for me it was all about stuffing my face with all the leftover Xmas goodies I could get my hands on before I had to give it all up. For the GF… well she got the Flu and spent it mostly in bed or on the bathroom floor. Also not very good to be unable to eat and puking your guts out right before weighing in.

It seems I had a really good time between Thanksgiving and Christmas because I think I put on about 15 pounds. All I know is this is the most I’ve ever weighed, which is funny because I don’t look any bigger then normal. So as it stands now I have to lose about 10 pounds over 4 weeks for the bet but my goal is 15 to put me back to normal.

…and so it begins …and may the odds ever be in my favor 😉