Join Me For A New Years Diet Bet

Do you want to wager a bet with me??? Would you put down $10 in a contest to lose 4% of your weight over 4 weeks? Here’s the best part… there is no “winner takes all”, in fact, EVERYONE who reaches their goal wins cold hard cash! Introducing “Warriors for Healthy Living



So my GF introduced me to a website called¬†DietBet. Where apparently you bet a pre-determined sum of money to lose a certain percentage of weight and in the end you win a slice of the jackpot. Sounds weird but it’s simpler then you think. You can read her post about it here.

Like I said… this particular bet is 4% over 4 weeks but they also have a 10% in 6 months option. They also have measures in place to prevent cheating but we’re not talking about thousands of dollars here I would guess you could win your money back at best. However, that’s not the point… the point is to put up some money as motivation to actually stick with the diet till the end.

If you’re interested, the bet weigh in begins Saturday, Dec 28th and runs through Sunday, Jan 26th. Simply click on the link and sign up because for every 3 people I get, DietBet kicks in another $10 to the pot. As of this posting there are 9 participants making the pot $90.

So what do you have to lose? Besides some weight!!