Christmas At The Henry Ford (AKA Our Trip To See Santa)

Christmas at The Henry Ford Museum


So for those who don’t know me, my parents and I take my boys to see Santa at the Henry Ford Museum every year. It’s a tradition we started 8 years ago when B was just a year old. You may see “Santa” at the mall, your local Bass Pro Shop, or even at the pet store… but let me tell you they are ALL phonies because make no mistake the REAL Santa comes to the museum!

This year we opted to go on a Sunday morning, bright and early after a huge snowstorm so hopefully we could beat the crowds. Well we did and we didn’t… once we got there we had a bit of a line to wait in. Not real bad but we spent roughly an hour waiting to see Santa. As you know this can be a challenge with kids but since they were fresh and excited the wait didn’t wear on them too bad. It’s not that there were a ton of people in front of us, but the REAL Santa doesn’t churn kids out like an assembly line. No, he spends time with them and has conversations, he makes sure everyone gets good photos and the kids each get more then “what do you want? Ok bye”.


This year was slightly different then the rest… this year we took the GF and “little B” and it was his first time seeing Santa. She has attempted to take him in previous years but it scared the crap out of him so we had no idea how this year would go. He looks up to my boys and we had been prepping him with photos of them with Santa from the past. He wasn’t keen on the idea but said if the boys were going so would he. Everything started off well, he talked about what he was going to tell Santa and even wanted 3 bucks apparently to pay for the toys lol… until he rounded the corner and there sat a very real Santa Clause. That was it, he was done there was no way he was going to do any of it… needless to say this was as good of a picture with Santa that we were going to get:


That was the only 10 seconds he wasn’t firmly attached to the GF’s leg BUT I GOT IT! See that is still technically getting your picture taken with Santa lol. My boys, on the other hand, are old pros and I got this years photo:


Every year we get there and I think to myself “Dammit why the hell didn’t I dress them a little nicer before heading out” hahaha.

After Santa it was lunch time so we headed over to the Michigan Café. They have a hotdog stand and a diner at the museum but D is a super picky eater and wants only the finest food selection so its almost mandatory to go to the café. I don’t mind, the food there is fantastic and not too expensive either.


Next we hit the trains. Naturally we had to have our photo taken with “the most photographed object inside the museum”… any guesses?

DSC01974    DSC01966

Every year they have a big display of toy trains set up as well as a HUGE city-scape made entirely out of Lego. There’s also an area where you can write Santa a letter and story time inside an old train car.

DSC01980   DSC02005

From there we head into the airplane section, one of my boys favorite things


Inside they enjoy making paper airplanes, this year they attempted so crazy difficult designs which never actually panned out lol. We “rode on the wing” of a stunt plane, and took goofy pics with the statues in the grand stands:

DSC02039    DSC02026

DSC02029    DSC02034

From there we wandered the rest of the museum. I snapped hundreds of photos but I try to limit them in my blog to only the most noteworthy:





For some reason D really needed to see the chair Lincoln was assassinated in… it must have been something he was learning about in school as he very specifically made sure we stopped there so he could study it.


Hey did you know that my grandpa did some of of the neon work inside the museum??


He did this iconic sign right here!!

The special exhibit this year was the “Avatar” movie display. I wasn’t sure what to expect because some of these are hit-and-miss and some just blow you away. This was was only so-so, they have some impressive movie props and interactive displays but it was somewhat bare and one section was shut down because of a computer error.

IMG_0267    IMG_0270

IMG_0276    IMG_0277

And of course no stop would be complete without making yourself into a hot-dog lol

IMG_0285    IMG_0293

From there we headed out… through the gift shop naturally… where I purchased one of their hand made limited edition candy cane ornaments. I got my “pickle” earlier in the year and I decided I needed to start collecting these from now on lol.

And this, my readers, is where the story ends. We packed into the car: 3 happy kids and 4 happy adults after a successful “family” Christmas outing and headed home.