I Spent A Little Money On My Blog

Meet “The Nerf Herder”

logo color 2

Since day one I’ve had ideas of how I wanted my blog to look. Unfortunately I didn’t have the know-how or …well any readers to bother customizing my blog. Now things are on the up and up and I’ve decided it’s time to make a “brand” of myself.

I’ve heard of the website Fiverr before but never really looked into it because the whole thing seemed a bit weird to me. But boredom does funny things to you and one day I was poking around and saw a crapton of people who can make custom logos and such. I mulled it over a few days… I’m a bit of an artist myself and am proficient in Photoshop so in theory I could make the things I needed. However, I am WAY too overly critical of my own work and would never be satisfied with the results. So for 5 bucks why not give it a try right?

So I ordered up a “custom logo design” from some guy somewhere on the other side of the planet… gave him a mock up example of what I had in mind and everything:

banner mockup

and I waited… and waited …and waited… and nothing. Finally just mere hours before his gig was overdue and I could get my money back he came back with these:

logo 1

logo 2

both somewhat nice but nothing like what I had asked for… so I requested a revision to have it put into a Star Wars font and he came back with:

banner1 (1)


Good enough I figured. I probably could have made that up as easily but whatever. I can use it an alter it to suit my needs and make it more like my mock up in the future.

So for my second purchase I used a different guy who does doodles and contacted him first before ordering and explained exactly what I wanted. I gave him a few reference photos from the web so there would be no confusion. In just a few short days I received this:



PERFECT! I had to pay for 2 gigs since I ordered 2 characters but well worth it for sure! With this I ran home on my lunch break and whipped up this quickie… and the evolution of the logo as I played with it:

logo 1

logo 2

logo 3

logo color

As you can see I’ve already started to get a design together… but I’m way too excited to wait before rolling this out so I’ve already started converting everything to the new logos. BUT I did run into a problem… my theme doesnt support a custom header… but I love the look of it… so I’m in need of someone with some awesome CSS skills to help me edit out the header code and insert my own.

Would you know anyone who could do this? If not I can always turn back to Fiverr for another 5 bucks spent.

So what do you think of my new look?