My Boys Have Started Using The “A” Word

Well it finally happened… the boys want to know if they can have an allowance.


For a while now we have been throwing around the idea of setting up a formal chore system for the kids. Now I’ve always made them clean up after themselves, but I’ve never put pen to paper and said “these are the things you have to do”. I’m more of a “HEY! Pick that up” type of guy but the GF is way into lists and paperwork so she printed up some chore charts and kicked the project into high gear. My oldest, however, decided he has no real motivation to do such things every day… after all… he doesn’t have to do all these crazy “clean up” things at his mother’s house. In fact over there you cant even tell the color of his carpet due to the amount of toys spread on the floor …I’m actually amazed he can make it to his bed with no clear path to do so. So again… why does he have to while here?

So that’s when he hit me up for an allowance. I’m ok with it… I had an allowance growing up and I was never expected to do any chores. But where to start? In my day I think I got $1 a week… maybe it was every 2 weeks …but in today’s market that’s not going to fly. He hit me at $10 a week …if I had a drink I would have spit it out! That’s a little steep, I’m thinking more around $5 a week. He can’t really get much with 1 week so he would have to save for 2 or 3 weeks in order to buy something and hopefully he will learn the value of money I the process.

What do you think? Do you give your children an allowance? If so, how much?