Only One More Day!!!

There’s something special going on tomorrow… do you know what it is??? I’ll give you a hint… it has something to do with this:

photo 3

and these:

photo 1      photo 1   photo 4

oh no wait there’s more:

photo 2      photo 4   photo 2

I will, in fact, be setting foot in here:

photo 3

That’s Right! We drive out tonight for the Christmas Story Run in Cleveland Ohio which includes FREE entry into Ralphies house! Tonight tonight we’re leaving tonight, hot damn tonight! Let’s just hope we don’t get one of these:

photo 5

Ooooooohhhhh FFFFFFFFFFuuuuudge!

I will definitely be running with my camera in hand and you know there will be a recap first thing Monday morning. I’ll also be sure to post lots of pictures and updates if you follow me on twitter, FB, or Instagram. Stay tuned! 😉