Do You Believe In The Christmas Pickle?

Have you heard of the Christmas Pickle? That is, the hiding of a pickle-shaped ornament on the tree tradition. I was introduced to the “pickle thing” roughly 6 years ago when my boss (at the time) gave each one of the managers a pickle ornament…. I was like “WTF???” and then she went on to tell me the legend.

photo o2

As the story goes, its a German tradition to hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning the children search the tree and the first person to find it gets an extra gift from Santa.

Now even though I have kids, the thought of the two of them ransacking the tree Xmas morning to find a glass ornament doesn’t sound like fun to me. It sounds like a lot of fights and “no fairs” on a morning where all should be happy… but I’m weird …and having a pickle on my tree seemed fitting. So I ran with it. More then that, I spread it… I have gifted many a pickle since that day and pass on the same magical story each time. But in typical “me” fashion… I don’t have just one pickle… I have three!

My latest pickle I got just this year on my trip to Greenfield Village. For years I coveted the hand blown glass… the fact that each is completely unique …but they come with a price tag attached to them and until the GF gave me a push I was always reluctant to buy one. But BEHOLD… in all it’s pickle glory!!

photo 1

FUN FACT:¬†Berrien Springs, Michigan¬†is known as the Christmas pickle capital of the world! I’ve never been but maybe I should go some day lol.

Not to spoil the magic, but a quick check of the internet has exposed my beloved pickle tradition as false. The pickle is, in fact, an American tradition. Believed to be created in the 1890s as a marketing campaign to sell imported glass ornaments at Woolworths. But then again… if you look at Christmas …REALLY look at the holiday as we celebrate it today… the whole thing has been shaped by clever advertising and marketing strategies over the past century. Each building on each other to blend together into what we call this holiday. I for one enjoy it in all it’s commercial glory and will continue to do so for the rest of my days.

How about you? What traditions do you have?