Christmas Has Sprung

Ok now that we got that Thanksgiving thing out of the way we are clear for Christmas! While I have been guilty of putting up my tree once on Thanksgiving I still believe that is the absolute earliest allowable day for outing the Xmas stuff. This years a bit different than all the rest… I have a new house to decorate, meaning all my “usual” arrangements are out with the old house. Not only that but this is the first combined Xmas with the GF and I under one roof, thus adding a whole new assortment of décor into the mix. Our solution ….two trees!



Yes I know they are leaning, I promise to fix it ;). The top tree (the GF’s tree) is snowman themed and even has a genuine Frosty the Snowman top hat tree topper. The bottom tree is mine and I’ll give you a hint what the theme is:

photo 1   photo 2

You got it, “Classic Holiday Movies”. I’ve got almost all of them covered: Charlie Brown, A Christmas Story, The Grinch, …I even got the gay dentist from Rudolph!

photo 3   photo 5

I also have a thing for Bumbles:

photo 4   photo4

Oh did I say two trees? Well ok I also have a Charlie Brown tree:


Ok enough of the show-and-tell. If it isn’t obvious, Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and even growing up I was the only one of my siblings to help my mom decorate the house every year. Nowadays, wherever I travel, even if its the middle of June, I pick up an ornament souvenir that represents the destination and eventually they will go on their very own “travel tree”. I’m sure this will be the first of many similar posts in the coming weeks as the decorating has only just begun. Maybe I’ll call it the “Christmas Ornament Porn” series lol