Ads Or No Ads? Chasing That Elusive Dollar

There comes a time when every blogger needs to make a decision… should I try and monetize my site?


That decision was put in front of me sooner then I had expected. I’ve only been blogging less then 2 months, however, I knew enough to sign up for Google Analytics right from the start. Of course Google offers AdSense, but I passed on it because I had no direction, no audience, and no expectations that I would even make a dime. I also signed up for Socialspark just for the hell of it, who denied me at first. Then “after review” they accepted my site but I haven’t got any offers yet so I don’t really know what to expect with that. Then they sent me an email saying that I qualify for their IZEA Media ad program with all the normal “make money” sloganing and what not. They had some pretty steep minimum requirements for a new blogger like myself and it surprised me that I even hit those numbers… so that’s what put the idea in my head.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions of striking it rich on the internet. The only reason I started blogging is because we had the infrastructure in place already with the GF’s blog. We signed up through Bluehost who allows unlimited subdomains so there was zero cost to me to start this up. I thought to myself “why not? I need a hobby” one day and so “The Nerf Herder” was born.

So that brings me back to the dilemma… has anyone tried Google AdSense or IZEA Media? If so how is it working out for you? Have you used anything else that works better? I may test them out and see how they work but I thought I’d put the question out there before venturing into unknown territory. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.