A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Did I ever tell you that I am a Charlie Brown nut? No of course not that’s something I don’t go around advertising. Of course everyone knows “The Great Pumpkin” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” but an equally good yet often overlooked classic is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”.

charlie brown thanksgiving title card

I like it so much that, as a kid, I had a Fisher Price movie viewer with the thanksgiving cartridge and 30 some odd years later I still remember the cheap plastic crank movie that I’d watch over and over… and guess what? Last year for Christmas the GF tracked down the toy AND cartridge for me as one of the most super awesome extremely thoughtful gifts ever!


So this year I stumbled across something I can’t believe I’ve never thought up before. Apparently having a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast is an actual thing that people do. Seriously! In case you are not “in-the-know” like I am, the actual Thanksgiving meal consists of popcorn, toast, jelly beans, and pretzel sticks. So naturally this year I am starting up a new tradition… normally I don’t get my kids, or I get them after dinner has been finished… so the day before we are going to have our very own Charlie Brown feast!

toast   dinner

Naturally, the show will air Thanksgiving evening at 8pm on ABC but in case you are not able to watch it then I have provided it for you through the magic of Youtube:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂