Race Wishlist: Reebok Spartan Race (and contest)

Another one for the wish list in 2014 is the Reebok Spartan Race. I’ve only done a Warrior Dash mud run so far and it was pretty easy but really fun. The Spartan Race brings it to another level. One can’t just simply skip an obstacle at will, there are consequences for such actions in the form of “burpees”. For every one you skip, you are required to do a certain amount of burpees to make up for it. The Spartan race also offers 3 different types of races:

The Spartan Sprint:


Like the Warrior Dash this is a 3 mile course with around 15 obstacles. They consider it to be a beginner course and claim “99.99% of all participants will finish.” The nearest Sprint to me here in Michigan is in Indiana on 4/26/2014

The Super Spartan:


About the same as a Down And Dirty mud run the Super Spartan is 8 miles with 20ish obstacles. It seems to be moderate difficulty… sounds like its very muddy. I’d say still very doable since I’m doing 10ks right now another 2 miles isn’t that much of a stretch. It appears they are planning one for Chicago and Ohio sometime in 2014 but with no set date. (For those of you from Michigan like myself)

The Spartan Beast:


Much like a Tough Mudder, the Beast is 12 miles with 24 obstacles. They claim it is, in fact, THE toughest in the world. (of course so do all of the others lol) Supposedly insane difficulty… I imagine I would have to walk the entire thing just to make it through. There are only 3 scheduled on their website for the U.S. and none are even close so to do this race would mean having to travel.

HOWEVER, They DO have Michigan listed on the website for a race in 2014. Right now it is colored red indicating it might be a sprint BUT if you click here and “pre-register” you have the option of selecting the race you want to enter. Right now I want everyone to click this link and pre-register for the Spartan Beast! It literally takes less time to do this then to read about my telling you to do this. Why? Well I’m glad you asked… you see its more of a survey to see who’s interested in what race… they don’t hold you to it, you’re not buying an entry… even if you have zero interest in it do it anyways. Here’s the thing, we here in Michigan have tons of short little easy mud runs to pick from all summer long… sure we have the Tough Mudder but that’s about it for a larger scale mud run. Not to mention it would be good for the local economy because people from all of the surrounding states would flock to us to participate in this event. (see what I did there?) So please pre-register… ask your mom and your grandma to pre-register as well!

So you may think I plan on doing the Beast since I want it to come to Michigan so bad eh? You couldn’t be more wrong! In fact I want to do ALL THREE runs! You see, by doing all 3 you become part of the Spartan Trifecta Tribe and get an extra medal and recognition on their website! Pretty sweet right??


Oh hey did I mention I know where you can win a FREE ENTRY into any Spartan race? Of course I did I slapped that puppy right into the title! Head on over to The Everyday Warrior to enter her contest… the odds of winning are very good so click on the link and give it a shot! This is a Rafflecopter giveaway in support of the Spartan Beast World Championship that will air on NBC December 7th. Even though I want to do these races I won’t enter the contest I promise lol.