What’s Your “Go” Song?

Everybody has one… that one song that gets you going. So what’s yours? When I run, I listen to “BPM” type music… that is electronic music for those of you without XM satellite radio. I custom tailor my Ipod playlist as I’m sure most do to minimize bad song choices… and I always have those good songs right in the middle where I need them.


My “go” song: the one that gives me that burst when I need it. The one that has the perfect tempo and just the right beat to keep my pace solid. The one that makes all the world melt away and I can go somewhere else in my head for a while. My song, one might say, is an odd choice for a “go” song. It’s called “Bonfire” by Knife Party and it goes a little something like this: (if this embed works)


Assuming you listened to it, you will notice the strong steady beat. It’s consistent throughout the whole song and somehow my steps just line up perfectly every time. I have a few other favorites that come really close, but they’re either a tad too fast or maybe just a smidge too slow. Sometimes they have a break in the beat or change of tempo. Sometimes I just can’t line my steps up for some reason to land on the beat. But not my “go” song… that one works every time!

So how about you? What’s yours?