We Got A Puppy!

Meet Chewie

photo 1

He’s a 9 week old yorkie,┬ábrussells griffin mix

photo 4

So the GF and I had talked about getting a dog once we moved if our new house could accommodate one. Well obviously it can lol… we have a nice sized back yard that’s completely fenced in and has a double gated area which is perfect for keeping dogs from slipping out. We also figured this would be sometime in the future after we got all settled in… like next summer. Then kinda-sorta we both got it in our heads that we could get the kids a dog for Xmas… so these things take time right? Better start looking now then.

I wanted a small dog, she wanted a big dog, we needed a hypo-allergenic dog because I’m mildly allergic… we were all over the place with breeds. There was no way I was getting a big dog… they poop big, they eat big, they make big messes, and tear up big things. They think they’re a lap dog and try to sit their gigantic asses on you… well you get the point. Its not that I don’t like big dogs I just don’t want to own one. Small dogs are much easier and make better “always in the house” dogs. Of the small dog breeds, the GF wanted some very girly girl dogs and I wanted more of a scrappy guy dog. We agreed on a few breeds eventually and started checking around.

First the breeders: breeders are great… pure bread, you know exactly how big they will turn out to be and how they will look… for a price. Most breeders wanted $600-800 for a puppy. We found a few possibilities but nothing really hit us. We started looking into rescues and foster home puppies… let me tell you, puppy competition in fierce out there! People are going nuts over dogs right now snatching them up like its “Black Friday”. We managed to find a foster home through a website who had a batch of mixed breed puppies so we set up our appointment and drove out there.

Now, according to the website there will be an application process, a home inspection, a trial period, background checks, finger printing, mug shots… you get the picture. So we figured by the time all that clears it should be closer to Xmas which is exactly what we planned. Needless to say, once we got there the lady was like “sign this and give me the money” and before we knew it we were the proud owners of a new puppy. I guess Christmas came a little bit early this year lol.

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