The Washer Dryer Incident

As I am writing this I am doing the first load of laundry in my brand new LG washer and dryer! “Big deal” you say?… well it is a big deal because it was a loooong stinkin’ road to get here let me tell you…


We purchased the set at Best Buy on a whim because it was Saturday night and the sale was ending and we didn’t want to miss out on the $200 savings. The manager even hooked us up and discounted a better model dryer for less then the price of the one we had picked out. Sweet right? Only, as it turns out, the next day there was an even better sale and suddenly that sweet deal wasn’t feeling so sweet anymore. I figured it out before our scheduled install and intercepted the order in time to make the switch. After about a half hour of computer work they did happen to get everything switched and I saved an extra $250 so I didn’t mind the wait. But naturally on install day only the dryer showed up because apparently the switched washer wasn’t immediately available. You would think they would know things like that but oh well… I F’d up the system by messing with it the day before the install so I take the blame this time.

Now, our outlet for the dryer was a 3 pronged outlet, and so we got a 3 pronged plug… only they were a totally different pattern. WTF?!? I don’t know anything about these things so I research it and the outlet we have on the wall isn’t even for a dryer. GAH! How does that happen? How did the people before us have a dryer plugged in here? So I buy the right outlet and install a whole new box and everything …never done anything like that before but it turned out to be real simple. I didn’t fry myself or burn the house down I call that a victory!


The washer, I find out, isn’t going to be delivered to my house it will come to the store in a few days. Ok, we can get by… so today was the day… I go to Best Buy to get it. Only, they can’t find it. I can tell by the look on the service desk employees face that something is fucked up behind the scenes and he’s bracing for me to flip out on him. But no… I’ve worked in retail and have been there yelling at this poor guy isn’t going to fix anything so I patiently wait… and he is doing everything in his power to get this matter settled… and I’m waiting …FINALLY after about an hour in the store they find it and I’m on my way home. Blah!


Get it home, open the box, set it up… hook up the water hose and turn on the water… and the faucet spraying water all over my walls… A LOT OF FREAKIN WATER! ARGH!! What now??? There’s nothing wrong with the hook up it’s the actual faucet in the wall leaking out. I’m thinking we are going to have to do laundry while bailing out the laundry room like a sinking ship so I turned to Google for help. Ah damn look at that… a little turn of the wrench and all’s well! Another small victory on the home improvement front! In goes the laundry and… do you hear it? it’s playing me the “laundry’s done” song so if you’ll excuse me I need to go finish up 😉