An Update On Our New Home

So this past weekend was moving weekend. I’d like to say it was a great and wonderful process but my sore arms and bloody fingers tell a different tale. All I can say is that I hope I really really really really like this house and stay there until I die because moving SUCKS!!

We started out Saturday with a race… just a 5K no biggie but when you’re about to move the entire contents of your house maybe you should save your strength lol. Picked up our U-Haul around noon and began filling it. Most everything was pretty simple and straight forward, but the stuff that was a pain… was a major fucking pain! I have a TV, a tube TV made right before flat screens really took off and I tell you the thing has got to weigh 300 lbs! UGH! Even though I have enough TVs I can bring myself to get rid of it. And the treadmill …let’s just say I built it in the room it was in so I had to disassemble the whole freaking thing to get it back out. Good times!

We managed to get the bulk of everything moved by Saturday evening and even did a bit of unpacking. This was the first night spent in the house and instead of celebrating or magical family together time it was more like pass out face first on the bed time.

In the morning we returned the U-Haul and went back to the old house to grab a few more things. Stopped at the hardware store for some supplies and random needs, and returned home to start digging ourselves out of the boxes. We have all the bedrooms painted, and I changed out all of the old switches and outlets… but the rest of the house still needs to be done. We’re taking a break from painting and such to try to get situated so we can get the bedrooms 100% finished and livable.

Here’s some pictures of our progress so far… and our moving mess:

DSC01739   DSC01730   DSC01722

DSC01731   DSC01746   DSC01733

DSC01743   DSC01741   DSC01742