Mustache Dache Race Recap




Saturday, November 9th marked the day of the mustache… the Mustache Dache that is. This race wasn’t even on the radar for the GF and I until we saw a picture of the finisher medal posted to FB. It took a little convincing but I finally talked her into doing it. After all, how often do you see a mustache-shaped medal? The race wasn’t at an ideal time for us because it is sandwiched right in between the Mackinac Island Great Turtle run and the Kona Chocolate Run… oh yeah, and we were moving that weekend too. But the quest for the coolest race bling knows no bounds!


In the weeks leading up to the race we picked up some mustache related gear. Of course we needed to test everything out the night before so we had a mustache party with the boys. Everything seems a little cooler when you’re doing it with a mustache!

photo1     photo2






Race day was here! We got up, got ready, and drove in without incident. The location was easy to find, there was plenty of free parking, and the Atwater Brewery was open for warmth and beverages. There was a mechanical bull, a mustache see-saw, food trucks, and a band. The only pre-race incident we really had was at packet pick up because they didn’t mark bib number lines so it was just more of a big mob surrounding the tent. No big deal, I knew roughly where my bib number would be so I made my way over and got it in no time. We made our way to the starting line and waited for things to get under way.

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Unfortunately, they placed the start/finish line right next to a big nasty dumpster which made the whole area smell terrible. Over the sound of 1000 people standing around bullshitting I thought I caught a hint of the Star Spangled Banner playing but I couldn’t be sure. Suddenly there was a shift in the crowd and we assumed that meant the race had started but it took a good 30 secs or so for the crowd to begin moving at our position. We were off!

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As usual in these types of races there were ALOT of non-runner types way out in front who have about a quarter mile sprint in them till they switch over to walking. The course was nice and open, using the entire street and sidewalks so passing and getting into a good position was a cinch. The course made a turn early on right into the wind. I didn’t check exact figures but it had to be at least 20-25 mph and c-c-c-c-cold. This made it difficult to get warmed up and after the first mile my strength was draining… my only motivation was that I could see people going back the other way so we were bound to turn any second now. Annnnnny second nowwwww… come on where’s that turn? Oh yeah there it is up that incline just strategically placed to defeat me.

I had to resort to walking. Even though it was a mild incline, the wind plus uphill was just too much. However, once we were on the down side we turned and had the wind at our backs and I had renewed energy. The course was along the Detroit riverfront so the view was incredible. It occurred to me that I should be carrying a camera to get pictures of these things. I did it at the Great Turtle run and got some decent photos. The GF didn’t run ahead this time she stuck with me. I feel bad because I need to stop and catch my breath from time to time but she admitted that she enjoyed the break as well.

I was making decent time and I figured we were in the home stretch because I could see where we turn for the finish… but they threw a little wrench in the mix with a slight detour. I’ll admit the detour broke my spirit and I needed a quick break. A hyper-energetic race volunteer was cheering and jumping around and when I passed her she gave me a rather violent high five. “BOOM” she said and for whatever reason that worked for me because I was off and feeling good. Noooow we were back in the home stretch and the only thing on my mind was getting past the person in front of me… then the next one… and the next. The GF took off in a bit of a sprint and I thought I could keep up but she blew me away. I was in a near sprint passing anyone I could until these two girls tried punking my at the finish line and I was like “hell no” so I gave it my all into a full sprint till I crossed the line.

photo 4

We got our sweet medals and a chocolate mustache then we hurried out of the range of the nasty garbage stench. Got our post-race food and headed straight for the car. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy my food because my bottle of water literally smelled like shit. Idk if it was from the little girl who handed it to me or maybe that used a dirty garbage can to keep them on ice or something but it was seriously gross! The smell was all over my hands which touched all my other food so I just threw it all out. No big deal I wasn’t starving or dying of thirst and it didn’t effect my opinion of the race at all.

my official time was 34:35 which put me 544/945 overall and 192/263 in my rather large age group of 18-39 yrs old. About 5 mins slower then I’d like to be but factor in the strong winds and cold and I’d say I did alright.

You can view my run via Nike+ by going here.

All-in-all I thought it was a very good race and I would definitely consider doing it again next year!