My New Cold Weather Running Gear

I’ve been running for less then a year so far. I started in February when I decided to buy a treadmill because my gut was looking a little …plump. During the cold months I ran exclusively indoors and only ventured outside once for my first 5K, the Rock CF, and I did that in sweats. So lets just say that my running wardrobe is very limited and my cold weather wardrobe is non-existent.

It dawned on me that this time around sweats just aren’t going to cut it. Not just for moisture wicking purposes but …well ya know… it makes me look …amateur-ish. Sweats are dumpy-looking, slob-ish, and all the other runners are wearing their super-neon-form-fitting-advanced-technology-ultra running wear. I know it shouldn’t matter …but somehow it does. Its time to invest, but not too much! One outfit will hold me over but what should I choose out of the thousand different technologies out there?

First I shopped the internet looking at this that and the other thing. Asked Google a question or two… and got nowhere closer to any one thing being better than another. I’m not big on tights and most everything is form-fitting so it finally boiled down to me going to the store and touching everything. Eventually I landed on a pair of Under Armour Cold Gear pants, and an Adidas Climalite shirt. I’m not big on neon so I went with black and grey respectively.

photo 2     photo 1

The Under Armour Cold Gear pants work great! They’re slightly baggy but still somewhat tight if that makes any sense. They’re also surprisingly light and thin for cold weather gear. I was running in 40 degrees with a nasty 25 mph wind and not once did it feel like the wind was blowing through the pants nor up my leg. The Adidas shirt, on the other hand, not so great. Don’t get me wrong… its long sleeve and tight fitting which offered some protection but I also needed a 1/4 zip pullover (race swag) and a short sleeve tech shirt just to keep from shivering. My legs were just right all day but up top I was too cold at first and way to hot later. It’s true layers can be taken off but then you have an extra shirt to deal with and your number may be pinned to it… too much hassle in my book. I think the issue is that nowhere on the Adidas product info does it mention cold weather so maybe I just made a bad choice.

So for you new runners out there like myself, I give the UA pants a thumbs up, but the Adidas shirt a thumbs down. Looks like it’s back to the store to look at other shirts…