How We Met: A Love Story?


The GF and I recently hit a somewhat fake milestone in our relationship… the year and a half mark. I don’t normally point out “half” marks (thus the “fake” comment) but someone made a big deal about it cough on the wrong day cough. So in honor of this moment I thought I’d tell the story of how we met…

Ahem “It was a warm sunny day in early spring. Betsy was out running her usual miles on the bike trail we she arrived at an intersection and began to cross… suddenly a crazy driver named Chris sped around the corner almost hitting the poor girl causing her to fall to the ground and skin her knee. He immediately stopped, got out, and ran to her aid. “Oh my god I’m soooo sorry” he said to her. “Watch where you’re going ASSHOLE!” she said back. “Please… let me make this up to you…” he said looking around… “let me buy you an ice cream at least so you can rest that leg for a sec.” pointing to the ice cream stand across the way. “Well…. ok…. but you’re still an asshole” she said. And so they ate ice cream and he woo’d her, and they fell in love, and they lived happily ever after.” …….is the story we concocted to tell everyone.

The truth is: One day I was bored and on this dating site wasting time… clicking through profile after profile while chatting with some 40-something lady who I had nothing in common with nor was I interested in meeting. Then I noticed that one of the girls I viewed was viewing me back… and she wasn’t fugly or old enough to be my mother… she was …hot? “woah I’ve been browsing this site for years and THAT doesn’t happen …like ever” I thought to myself. So I went back to re-visit her profile as I just skim and never read in-depth… and the funniest thing caught my interest. She wrote something like “I don’t want to be on a dating site but my coworkers signed me up and told me I had to give it a try. I will probably delete this by the end of the week.” Just then, she viewed me again. Now, I’ve never initiated a conversation on this site ever, but if I was ever going to do it NOW was the time… I only had a few days!

So there I sat… completely at a loss on how one messages a girl over the internet and makes himself stand out. Finally I mustered up something along the lines of “Hey, are you still thinking of deleting your profile? Not all of us are creeps and wierdos around here”…… and somehow ….that worked? We passed like a message or two on the site then she said “I’m deleting my account, hope this isn’t weird but heres my number”.


So we texted… and while we texted I Facebook stalked her. Hey! gimme a break I needed to make sure she wasn’t a psycho or like a 300 pound man in a dress. (funny thing she said the same about me lol). We couldn’t seem to land on a date but we texted daily for a few weeks. I laid on the charm like a mothereffer until finally the day came when we could meet. I had asked her out for coffee …she’s not a coffee person so we switched it to ice cream. We met up at the Dairy Queen… I was told I would recognize her car from all the running stickers all over it lol. She got out… I got out… we walked towards each other… “thank god she looks normal” I thought to myself, “but what do I say now?” I mustered up a “Hi” and she reached out, grabbed my arm, and put it around her and said “hi” back. “IM IN!” I celebrated in my head lol.

We had our ice cream and chatted it up…. and when we were done we both agreed it wasn’t time for the date to be over so we moved on to a place where we could watch a movie and get a little closer and well… that’s as far as this story goes my friends. Lets just say we had a good time but not THAT much of a good time 😉

The rest is history…