Race Schedule

You may have noticed I’ve added a new tab to the top of the blog entitled “Race Schedule”. (Obviously) This is where I’m going to list the races that I have signed up for and I think I will add a section of races I want to sign up for as well. What’s it to you? Well as you may have read, I am addicted to cool race bling so rest assured I have done the research so you yourself may want to get in on the action too. You say you don’t run? Well FYI most of these races have a run/walk option so you could always walk if that suits you better. NOT TO MENTION… I, of course will be there. I’m no marathon runner, not even a half marathon is in the books for me so far. No, I’m your every day “Joe” who uses the races as motivation to stay more active and take care of myself a little bit. I’m a middle of the pack guy and I’m ok with that.

So here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in the near future for me:

The 18th Annual Mackinac Island Great Turtle – October 26th 2013 – Ok so you’re probably not going to run out and sign up for this one because its an actual destination race and it’s right around the corner. This is a fall run around Mackinac Island to celebrate the end of the tourist season as they transition to “winter”. That in itself is nice but the medal you get is in the shape of a turtle!! and if that’s not cool enough it opens like a locket!!! With the inscription on the inside.


The Mustache Dash – November 9, 2013- Discovered this one right at the registration deadline. Who doesn’t want a mustache shaped medal?? ’nuff said.


The KONA Chocolate Run! – November 17, 2013 – This is the first year for this race and the KONA company always has some nice gear. The biggest draw is the tons of post-race chocolate you get… oh and a pretty cool medal and a 1/4 zip pullover.


A Christmas Story Run – December 7th, 2013 – WHAT??? Who wouldn’t want to do this race??? It’s as if they reached into my brain and pulled out everything I love and wrapped it into one little bundle. First of all you get a leg lamp “Major Award” medal!! On top of that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the movie so the whole town of Cleveland is celebrating with all sorts of activities. Did you know you that with your bib you get free entry into the Christmas Story House? Yes THE house… I am so going to reenact every scene (provided it’s allowed) and possibly dressed up as Ralphie while doing it!


What races are you planning in the future? Do you have any good suggestions for next year?