Inspiring Chicago Marathon Story

In the yesterday today I caught a snippet that read “More than 16 hours after the Chicago Marathon began, the final runner crossed the finish line early Monday with a crowd to greet him” and I thought to myself  “That’s crazy, I could walk that distance faster then that.” There was a video playing with the article but I had the sound off and it showed a guy that looked to be near death surrounded by a huge crowd cheering him on. So suddenly that peaked my interest… if that were me taking 16 hours to finish a marathon I sure as hell wouldn’t make national news.

So I dug a little to find out who this Maickel Melamed guy was. According to Wikipedia he is a ” Venezuelan long-distance runner, motivational speaker, financing coach, teacher in philosophy and physiotherapist” who has “generalized muscle hypotonia”.


So “ok, that’s pretty cool” I thought to myself, but then I kept reading. As it turns out this is his third full marathon and he’s even climbed Venezuela’s highest mountain. What? That’s friggin awesome right?

So what does all this have to do with me right? Is this just some kind of newspaper book report? Maybe a puff piece? No sir! After reading this I’ve decided that if he can do all that I can tackle a Half Marathon in 2014!

Now to decide exactly which one…..