Polar Opposites


So more and more lately I’ve come to realize that my 2 kids couldn’t be any more opposite of each other. My oldest, “D”, seems to have inherited all of the worst traits of his mother and I. He’s selfish, stubborn, sarcastic, manipulative, picky, and generally aloof most of the time. While the younger, “B”, is extra friendly, loving, snuggly, encouraging, playful, helpful, and seems to care deeply all of the time. I find this perplexing to no end because they are only 2 years apart in age, always together, and (at least I believe) they are treated equally.

Now don’t get me wrong I love them both with every fiber of my being. They are both very smart and have always excelled well above their grade level in school. They are both very creative and talented, and they never cease to amaze me in the things they can do. For example, “D” wanted to be one of his favorite transformers for Halloween this year. Not Bumblebee or Optimus prime… not even Megatron or StarScream. No, he wanted to be the classic 80’s generation 1 “Shockwave”, and he was going to build it out of cardboard. Believe it or not, he worked with his mother and designed and built a pretty damn good representation if I do say so myself.

But back to the story at hand… a typical school day drop-off goes something like this: (pull up to “D”s school) “Bye” (shuts the car door and walks off). On the other hand, on the way to “B”s school he wants to know who is picking him up. If its not me when does he get to see me again. When we pull up to the curb, he gets unbuckled and always ALWAYS pops up to the front to give me a kiss goodbye and says something encouraging like “I hope you have a good day at work today” before saying “bye” and then waving at me as I drive off.

At home its the same thing: “B” will come over and snuggle with me in front of the TV while “D” prefers the other couch or even the floor over being by me. “B” will try to rally up a family game while “D” on the other hand is trying to manipulate “B” into doing what he wants instead. “D” is always stretching the rules to their limits and beyond, he never asks for things is will just help himself. “D” also laughs in the face of punishment… don’t get me wrong, he accepts his punishment, but with a “hey whatever it doesn’t bother me” attitude.

Of course I could go on and on about this but you get the picture. And yes I admit that every individual is different, we are all unique and special in our own way. I just cant believe how much they are night and day.

So how about you? If you have multiple children are they THAT different from each other or is it just me?