Gravity – a commentary

This is not exactly a review of the movie Gravity, if you want an honest review please go visit The Movie Sleuth. I just saw the movie saturday and felt like using my new public forum to talk about it. WARNING this post contains spoilers…




So let me start out by saying that this film is awesome… well visually anyway. The camera work is phenomenal! It flawlessly transitions from third person to first and then back again without a single cut. This lets you see the action, then experience the action all in one fluid motion. I have to say that I only wish I had seen it in IMAX but it probably would have given us vertigo. The zero G effects were 100% believable and as they floated, tumbled, collided, and dangled you never felt like it was fake at all.

Like most “disaster porn” the story line was filled with tons of “gimme a break” moments. You know what I mean… the “oh man we’re almost there… nope the whole thing blew up” time after time after time. Then they throw in this whole “dead baby” thing so they can take a cheap shot at your emotions right at the height of the movie. Let’s face it, I don’t have to tell you how this movie ends you already know. Theres no dramatic twists you see each and every moment coming long before it even happens.

Now on to the actors… I guess when you want to make a blockbuster and you only have 2 actors in the whole movie you better go big right? That is where I feel they actually went wrong… this movie would have been SO much better with some unknowns or even lesser actors. Clooney’s cowboy antics were just stupid and his rambling stories were annoying. In the opening scene he’s doing all this super fast, super close flyby action …coming mere inches from the Hubble, a multi-billion dollar piece of machinery. Oh but don’t worry he’s got this super new awesome jetpack prototype he’s testing out that never runs out of gas until its dramatically convenient.

And Bullock …sorry I just hate her. Somewhere down the line she started making movies that annoyed me and she’s stuck there until she can wow me with something. Even floating around half naked in her space undies with her ass in the camera was not enough to get a rise out of me. Her acting was only so-so and a bit over done. We get it, your reclusive… dead baby story and all… no one else on the entire planet in your life… bla bla bla. Then the last half of the movie she spends regurgitating all of Clooney’s terrible lines from the beginning of the movie. YAWN …oh was that supposed to get an emotional reaction out of me???

In the end, I will say I enjoyed the movie. The flawed acting and predictable story doesn’t hold a candle to the incredible cinematography. I was too busy being wow’d by all the action and effects to notice much of anything else. Even the small but subtle things like a drop of water floating through the air that “bloops” onto the camera lens as you are floating through the space station was impressive and immersive. Once it comes out on video I will probably watch it again and again but mute the dialog 😉