Its all free!! well… for me anyways

So you may or may not have noticed Im not on one of those free sites and I even have a .com of my very own. This is all due to The Everyday Warrior and her hosting site Bluehost. Yes I am starting off my blogging career with an ad. No I am not some kind of cheap whore who will pimp himself out for a cheap buck. I swear I will limit the number of pop up ads on my site to NO MORE then 20… and less then half will be linked to shady porn sites. THAT, my friends, is a promise!

But seriously, she signed up to be “self hosted” because an established site with enough readers can be very rewarding in many ways. Affiliates, giveaways, sponsors, etc… But that’s not what were here to talk about this is all about me and my need to not pay for this site. As it turns out she can host unlimited domains on her one account and they even register a domain name for free. Hers was already registered so there was a credit sitting there all unused and stuff… in swoops me with some puppy dog eyes and a charming smile and its mine allll mine!

so why the ad you say? Well she signed up to be an affiliate with Bluehost and they will give you a kick back for anyone who signs up via this link. Do I think you will run right out and sign up? Nope… BUT… what you didn’t realize is I just “planted the seed” deep within your subconscious. “Hey you know, I could do that too” you will think to yourself. Then you will be like “Damn where was that site again?” and you come here and BAM my evil plan worked. So I’m not saying go throw your money away on something you don’t want or need… I’m saying when you’re ready… come here… use my link… earn us a little somethin somethin. I’ll even give you my very own Chris brand tech support.

Disclaimer: No one is paying me to say this and technically… I don’t even get the money if you sign up it all goes to the girlfriend.