Ze First Post

OK, here’s the situation: Earlier today I was inspired by the success of a few bloggers I know and decided to give it a go. But if you want to know more about me you will have to read my “about me” page. This first post is where I give props and link up my inspirations.

First and foremost, My girlfriend Betsy over at The Everyday Warrior who was gracious enough to let me “piggy back” on her site. She has challenged me to be a better person and is rubbing off on me in strange ways (i.e. starting a blog). She is a true bad-ass and it amazes me how she is “known” around the internet through the success of her blog.

The second shout-out goes to my friend Chris at The Movie Sleuth who runs an amazing movie review site. I always check this site before seeing any movie. New movies, cult classics, interviews, rock docs, and even a video game or 2!

And last but not least Alysia who runs not one, but TWO blogs: the original MichiGal and the newly created MichiGal Travels. Her original blog is focused on being a stay-at-home mom of 4 and all of the adventures one could expect raising children in this day and age. While the travel blog is a off shoot from her main blog that focuses on …well travel and all the noteworthy events happening around Michigan and beyond. And FYI she ALWAYS has GREAT giveaways! I should know I’ve won a few 🙂

And there you have it… until I gain an audience I’ll be writing to myself for a while….