Home sweet home??

If you pay attention to the news you will know that the housing market is rebounding. Rebounding so much that there are more buyers then there are houses for sale causing this massive frenzy over every house that hits the market. I just so happen to fall into this category as I am on the brink of purchasing a new house. As of right now I have an offer out and things are moving towards a sale but let me tell you a little about the journey to get here:

A while ago Betsy pressured convinced me that we needed to be a more integrated “family”. Until that point we had been dating a while but it was not progressing at the speed she we had planned: Staying over a few nights a week and the kids seeing each other rarely if at all. We had talked about the future and saving up to buy a house etc etc but nothing really solid. Well earlier in the year things began to get shaky at Betsy’s job and her apartment was quite a big expense so we threw caution to the wind and decided she should move in with me.

Now financially this was smart.  What she was dumping paying on rent alone was what my total cost + utilities were every month. My place has 3 bedrooms and is somewhat big enough to accommodate her and her son without being too overcrowded. In reality, as it turns out, we are both REALLY hard to live with. There was definitely an extended adjustment period to say the least. But now I’m happy to say things are going well and we do our best not to get on each other’s nerves.

ON TO THE HOME BUYING! After viewing quite a few duds we landed on a slightly run-down but huge house right in the area we wanted to be. We made an offer, they countered, we inspected and found MOLD in the attic! We asked them to fix it, they refused. Over the span of a week or two we went back and forth over whose responsibility it was to take care of this problem. They fought us every step of the way it was like pulling teeth. Not to mention as it turns out, they knew about the mold all along and didn’t disclose it. After all this B.S. that was the last straw. We had already fell out of love for the house and decided to cut our losses and hit the open market again.

We had only been out of the box a few weeks but now houses are going so fast we would set up an appointment and the thing was sold before we ever made it inside to view it. We started to live “on call” ready to jump on a house at a moments notice. So one day this house popped up on the weekend and I was able to get in it before anyone else on a Sunday morning. Its nice… very nice! A good size, fenced in yard with lots of privacy, decent location… what do we got to lose? “Let’s do it! Pull the trigger”… and off we go… closing should be right around Halloween… we’ll see what happens